Walter Kaufmann's 1960 Lecture “Nietzsche and the Crisis of Philosophyis up online and more relevant than ever.

New books on Nietzsche published by ANS Affiliates: Jo Faulkner, Julian Young and Michael Ure

*Nietzsche Source is open!*

Nietzsche is being translated into Arabic - interview with the translator, Ali Mosbah

An interview with Babbette Babbich here; and an interview with Ruth Abby here (and comment)

This documentary falls short of understanding Nietzsche, but is an interesting romanticization in the light of Gay Science §370

Leonard Sax's paper on the causes of Nietzsche's illness is a must-read.

Even in death, Nietzsche's body remains on the cutting edge of the world's biggest problems.

Recent research confirms Nietzsche's suspicions: Babies not as innocent as they pretend

Other new books of interest:
Nietzsche's Animal Philosophy: Culture, Politics and the Animality of the Human Being (Fordham University Press 2009 )
Editors' introduction to
Reading Nietzsche at the Margins (Purdue University Press, 2007)
On the Genealogy of Morals: Critical Essays (Rowman & Littefield, 2006 )
A Nietzschean Bestiary: Becoming Animal Beyond Docile and Brutal (Rowman & Littefield, 2004)